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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cork

Welcome to our clinic, where we specialize in providing comprehensive testosterone replacement therapy under the expert guidance of our experienced urologist. We understand the importance of hormonal balance in men's health and are dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal well-being and vitality.


What do we do?

At our clinic, we specialize in men's health, providing comprehensive urologic check-ups and personalized care. We understand how crucial hormonal balance is for optimal health and wellness. Low testosterone, often manifests in a range of symptoms that can severely impact a man's quality of life. Our goal is to identify and treat these imbalances to restore your vitality and sense of well-being.

Low testosterone


What are the symptoms?

Decrease in libido

Lack of energy

Decrease in strength

Deterioration in the ability to play sports

Low mood

Deterioration work performance

Meet Ms. Manzi

About Us

Meet Ms. Manzi, a urologist passionate about offering personalized and effective testosterone replacement therapy, ensuring that her patients receive the highest quality of care based on the latest medical advancements. Her passion stems from a genuine desire to improve the lives of her patients and promote healthier relationships. Ms. Manzi's ultimate goal is to revolutionize men's healthcare by offering effective treatments that restore their well-being, youthful vigor, and intimate relationships.

Ms. Manzi has served as a Urology Consultant at Mater Private Network Cork since January 2023 and previously at Cork University Hospital. In addition to her formal education, Ms. Manzi has completed numerous specialized courses, including a recent program on Testosterone Therapy and Sexual Dysfunction at Harvard Medical School.


aNuMe medical

We are based in aNuMe Medical Clinic, a modern, patient-focused clinic offering a holistic approach to health, beauty, and wellness.



Suite D, Penrose House, 2 Penrose Quay, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 V38E, Ireland


Clinic hours


16:00 pm – 20:00 pm

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